VR Car Viewer RelayCars Is Heading To Magic Leap


One of the first third-party applications for the Magic Leap One AR headset has been announced.

RelayCars, the virtual car viewer that’s been available on the Gear VR as well as other VR headsets for a few years now, will soon be coming to the device, which itself launched earlier this month. The app will allow users to select from a wide variety of vehicles, place a virtual image of them in their rooms and then view them in close detail, changing features like colors and even watching them drive around the given space like a virtual RC car.

RelayCars is and has always been an app for car shoppers, not budding racers, so you don’t actually get to drive the vehicles for yourself (not to mention we don’t know how that would even work on Magic Leap). The idea is actually very similar to some of Magic Leap’s existing apps that allow you to pull 3D models of furniture from the web and then digitally place them in your own room as a sort of immersive ‘try before you buy’ experience.

Look for the app to launch in September. Magic Leap itself isn’t a consumer headset yet, instead sold as a Creator Edition designed specifically for developers. Think of this more of a soft release ahead of the true consumer launch, then.

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